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Monday, January 24

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(On -demand recorded released) EQ Development: A Critical Career Development Strategy (On-demand session released) Act Up: Nudging Career Practitioners Toward 'Good Trouble' (On-demand session released) Addressing the Skills Awareness Gap Through On-campus Employment (On-demand session released) Beyond Hybrid: Pathway to Your Blended Workforce (On-demand session released) Career Adaptation and Meaningfulness in Later Life (On-demand session released) Emotional Intelligence and Work-integrated Learning Success (On-demand session released) Entrepreneurial Thinking: A Key Component of Career Development (On-demand session released) Fearless Career Development in Rural K-12 Education! (On-demand session released) Industry Insight & Career Exploration (On-demand session released) Intelligent Careers in Theory and Practice (On-demand session released) Material Handling 4.0: Building Pathways to Employment (On-demand session released) Me a Researcher? The Case for Practitioner Research (On-demand session released) Minds@Work: Group Counselling for Job Tenure with Clients with Mental Illness (On-demand session released) MUTE!: The Art of Online Facilitation (On-demand session released) Rethinking the Aims of Career Development Policy (On-demand session released) Shaping Careers, Changing the World: Elevating Your Impact (On-demand session released) Transferable Skills and International Students at Graduate Level (On-demand session released) Transitioning from Essential Skills to Skills for Success (On-demand session released) Working Together to Support Youth Work Abroad Experiences (On-demand session released) Workplace Belonging and Inclusion – and Why It Matters (On-demand session released) Youth Works: Employment Outcomes for Youth from Care

16:45 EST

Tuesday, January 25

10:00 EST

(On-demand session released) An Intersectional Path to Inclusive Employment for Women (On-demand session released) Career Competencies We Share: Building for the Future (On-demand session released) Career Development and Mental Health Culture in Organizations (On-demand session released) Career Options and Aspirations: A K-12 Education Approach (On-demand session released) Change Your Organization with Your SEL Skills (On-demand session released) Children's Play as Early Career Development (On-demand session released) Coach/Counsellor/Advisor/Mentor/Specialist/Facilitator? What the Heck Are We Anyway? (On-demand session released) Diversity & Inclusion in the Workplace (On-demand session released) Engaging Employers in Workforce Solutions that Enhance Equity and Access in the Workplace (On-demand session released) How Can Local Data Help Me? (On-demand session released) Immediate Impacts of Employment Services for Newcomer Women (On-demand session released) Implications of a Performance-based Employment Service Model (On-demand session released) Investigating the Effects of Disability Disclosure at Work (On-demand session released) Mature Workers and the New World of Work (On-demand session released) Meeting Youth Where They Are: Differentiated Learning Pathways (On-demand session released) Micro-credentials and Digital Badges: Making Skills Visible (On-demand session released) Mortifying Myths and Surprisingly Refreshing Truths About Work (On-demand session released) Successful Career Decision-Making in a Digital Economy (On-demand session released) Talking to Career Experts: Articulating Career Terms (On-demand session released) The Importance of Sharing Career Pivots (On-demand session released) The Way Forward: Career Opportunities of the Future (On-demand session released) Understanding Hope and Hopelessness: Theory, Assessments and Interventions (On-demand session released) Unlocking Canadian Career Paths for Internationally Trained Professionals (On-demand session released) Work Abroad Experiences in a Post-pandemic World (Séance sur demande diffusées) Enjeux et stratégies d’advocacie chez des conseillers d’orientation du Québec (Séance sur demande diffusées) Production d'information : allier rigueur et collaboration, possible?

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Wednesday, January 26

10:00 EST

Research Circle: Careering Across Canada with Students in Grades 4-6 Tech Talk Meet Up (brought to you by ODEN, All Are Welcome) (On-demand session released) Connecting Youth to Future Pathways (On-demand session released) Developing Skill Mastery Through Experiential Learning (On-demand session released) EQ Programming for Student Career Development: Lessons Learned (On-demand session released) Addressing Negative Career Thoughts via Cognitive Information Processing (On-demand session released) Big Data in Career Development: Utilizing and Contextualizing (On-demand session released) Building the Dream Career (On-demand session released) Career Development in a Professional World (On-demand session released) Career Development in East Asia: Korea, Singapore, Vietnam (On-demand session released) Careers Guidance for Students in England: Gatsby Benchmarks (On-demand session released) COVID-19 and Young Workers in the UK (On-demand session released) Developing a Hope-centred Cohort Program Supporting Jobseekers (On-demand session released) Disability Confidence in Careers and Employment (On-demand session released) Ethics at the Core: Exploring the Updated Code (On-demand session released) Indigenous Counsellor Programming and Online Training Bootcamp (On-demand session released) Military Spouses: Intrepid Career Adventurers (On-demand session released) One-to-one Guidance: Higher Education Students' Difficulties and Practitioner Challenges (On-demand session released) Peer-led Services for Easier Access and Increased Capacity (On-demand session released) PrePAIR for the Future of Education: Partnerships Required (On-demand session released) Professional Skills for Launching and Developing Careers (On-demand session released) Skills Cards: Hands-on Activities in a Virtual World (On-demand session released) Skills to Succeed After High School: Student Perspective (On-demand session released) The Case for Case Conferencing (On-demand session released) Ties That Bind: Helping Parents Help Their Kids (On-demand session released) Universal Design and Inclusive Career Education (On-demand session released) Women in Leadership: Influencing Workplace Social Justice Advocacy

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Friday, February 4

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  • Building the Profile and Sustainability of the Career Development Sector (Bâtir le profil et la durabilité du secteur du développement en carriére)
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  • Effective Career Counselling/Coaching Techniques (Techniques d'accompagnement et d'orientation professionnelle efficaces)
  • Employee Recruitment & Engagement (Recrutement et mobilisation des employés)
  • Employment/Training Programs (Community/ Government/ Industry) (Programmes de formation (milieu communautaire/ gouvernemental/ corporatif)
  • Employment/Training Programs (Community/ Government/ Industry) (Programmes de formation (milieu communautaire/ gouvernemental/ corporatif))
  • Entrepreneurship & Self-Employment (Entrepreneuriat et emploi autonome)
  • Experience/Work-Integrated Learning (Apprentissage par l'expérience/inégration au milieu du travail)
  • Global Perspectives on Career Development Research & Practice (Perspectives mondiales sur la recherche et la pratique en développement de carrière)
  • Indigenous Career Development (Développement de carriére chez les Autochtones)
  • Labour Market Information (Information sur le marché du travail)
  • Leadership Development (Développement du leadership)
  • Management & HR Issues for Career/Employment Centre Directors (Questions de gestion et de ressources humaines pour les directeurs de carrières/centres d’emploi)
  • Mature Worker Career Development (Développement de carrière pour les travailleurs âges)
  • New Technology & Tools for Career Professionals (Nouvelle technologie et outils pour les professionnels de carrière)
  • New Technology & Tools for Career Professionals | Nouvelle technologie et outils pour les professionnels de carrière
  • Online Career Service Delivery/Remote Learning Approaches (Approches pour les services d'orientation professionelle en ligne et l'apprentissage à distance)
  • Pandemic Recovery (Pandémie et le processus de rétablissement)
  • Self-Care for Career Professionals (Soin de soi pour les professionnels du développement de carrière)
  • Supporting Clients with Disabilities (Soutien aux clients atteints d'handicaps)
  • Workforce Planning & Development (Planification et développement de la main-d'œuvre
  • Workforce Planning & Development (Planification et développement de la main-d'œuvre)
  • Working with Newcomer and Refugee Communities (Services aur nouveaux arrivants et réfugiés)